Protect your future

A fire can destroy not only your home, but your family’s finances too. Between 2007-2011, house fires caused more than $850 million in property damage in North America[*]. A small investment now can save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road.

Protect your family

Dalmatian reduces the risk of a kitchen fire starting, thus minimizing the likelihood that it will grow and spread to other parts of the house.

Wi-Fi enabled

You can communicate with Dalmatian remotely. When you get that anxious feeling that you’ve left something on the stove unattended, Dalmatian gives you peace of mind by allowing you to shut off your kitchen appliances from your smart phone.

Perfect for homebuilders

If you run a homebuilding business, you can help lead the charge to put a Dalmatian in every home. It will distinguish you as a homebuilder that offers extra security and peace of mind to your clients.

*All statistics come from this report by the National Fire Protection Association