Here a few resources that will help you out with your Dalmatian. If you have any questions not covered here, you can contact us anytime.

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I live in an older house.  Can I have a Dalmatian installed?

Yes!  If you don’t have interconnected hard wired smoke alarms we can install wireless smoke alarms that will be compatible with the Dalmatian.  You too can be protected!

The power went out and my stove isn’t working now that it is back on.  What do I do?

The Dalmatian is set up so that the does not come back on automatically after a power failure or the smoke alarm is triggered.  This is a safety feature. All you need to do is hit the reset button and power will be restored.

Can I activate the Dalmatian remotely?

Yes!  All Dalmatians can be adapted with a Wi-fi switch which enables home owners to turn it off remotely using their smart phone.  Look under the ‘Get More’ section to order yours!

I am a Builder, can I order multiple Dalmatians for my projects?

Yes!  We are proud to work with Builders to make their projects stand out from the crowd.  Not only will it give your clients peace of mind but it will distinguish you as a Builder who cares.