Dalmatian is effective

Your smoke alarm is one of the most important safety devices in your home, but it only alerts you to the problem. Dalmatian offers a second level of security and peace of mind by taking action to help prevent a potential kitchen fire.

Dalmatian is smart

Dalmatian creates a common-sense connection between your smoke alarms and your electrical panel. When your smoke alarm activates, it triggers Dalmatian, giving you an instant, automated reaction to the problem before it gets worse.

Dalmatian is intuitive

Dalmatian responds to your smoke alarm by immediately shutting off power to your kitchen range and counter plugs. With no electricity or heat, kitchen fires are far less likely to start or spread, potentially saving you thousands of dollars, while protecting your home and your family.

Dalmatian is easy

A convenient reset button is included with the Dalmatian so you can easily turn the power back on to your kitchen should you accidentally set off the smoke alarms.

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